“Gentle voiced (think Don Williams), Daryl evokes feelings we can all relate to.”    - Dave Allen, Country Music People

Keenly observant songs about living and growing up in rural small-town America and keeping the old values and traditions alive in this ever-changing world. Plaintive storytelling nestled within expert musicianship and spare instrumentation which allows his spirit to shine through and illuminate the musical landscape, Daryl Mosley remains poetically committed to his vision, resulting in an album that lodges in the subconscious.” – Alan Cackett, British journalist

“Mosley’s warm vocals, his knack for telling a great story, guest vocalists including Irene Kelley and Jeanette Williams, and his band’s straight-ahead, waste-no-notes tunes propel The Secret of Life, delivering comfort and down-home advice and reflections. There’s no secret at all here about Mosley’s affection for a good song well-played.”  – Henry Carrigan, No Depression Magazine

"Daryl Mosley's songs are like a heartfelt conversation with a cherished friend. Each track on his new project "The Secret of Life" offers a glimpse of real life that speaks to the soul. The images in his lyrics paint the backdrop, and his voice is the brushstroke that brings the scene alive. I love singing with Daryl and am honored to be a part of this collective masterpiece!"  - Jeanette Williams, IBMA award winner

“Mosley has some serious word-weaving skills to bring out a story in song."  - Mississippi Chris Sharp, The Bluegrass Standard 

“A gentle-voiced tenor and superb songwriter.” – Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow

“Daryl Mosley has evolved into one of the most critically-acclaimed artists in Bluegrass and American Roots genres” – The Country Note

"Daryl Mosley is easily one of the most inspired modern singer-songwriters in whatever genre you put him in and sings with a blessing that might just come from another world." -Bill Bentley, Americana Highways

“With The Secret Of Life, Mosley steps into the solo spotlight with a collection driven by sincere, compelling storytelling built on a solid bluegrass foundation. A native of Waverly, Tennessee, Mosley writes, sings and plays from a Southern small-town perspective.”  – Austin Carlyle, Music Matters Magazine

“Daryl Mosley is the kind of singer/songwriter we all aspire to be.  He can weave a song from start to finish in a way that makes you think he lived or was a witness to every story he sings about. - Jimmy Alan Stewart, award winning songwriter

“Daryl is a gifted songwriter and storyteller who paints vivid pictures of life as it could be, used to be, or might have been. The experiences of life, work, faith, and love that resonate so strongly in this community are the very foundation of his songwriting. Daryl writes about real, salt-of-the-earth people and their personal struggles and victories on life's journey.” – Stewart Fenwick, Country Music & Dance (Scotland)

“A back porch set all the way, there’s enough deceptive genre splicing here to keep you from labeling it with easy descriptors.  Killer stuff custom made of any fan of top shelf songwriting.”  - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Entertainment

"(His songs) are not only memorable and melodic, but kindled with compassion. Mosley's humanity and humility makes these life lessons well worth learning."  - Lee Zimmerman, American Songwriter Magazine

“When I think of talented songwriters who always create strong emotion in their songs, Daryl Mosley is right up there with the very best of them. He is a songwriter’s “songwriter.” One of my personal very favorites. From his huge Gospel hit, “The Blind Man Saw It All” (recorded by southern Gospel fan-favorites The Booth Brothers), to the cleverly written Farm Hands hits’ “Hillbilly Graham” and “I Can’t Go Home Anymore,” he always reaches hearts with the words he pens. A master at marrying a strong melody with just the right lyric, Daryl is easily one of the finest songwriters in our business.”  - Jerry Salley, award winning songwriter

“Story-songs, morality plays, songs with a message- they're all a part of Daryl's oeuvre, rhythmically set to a bluegrass beat. Mosley shines, playing to his strengths. He's an excellent vocalist and an artful songwriter.”  -Stacy Harris, Stacy’s Music Row Report

"Daryl Mosley has been making great contributions to country and bluegrass music for 3+ decades as a great songwriter and musician behind so many well-known award winning songs. Also principal composer and voice leading bluegrass stalwarts, “New Tradition” and “The Farm Hands”. Glad to see Daryl stepping out front and center with his first solo project of more top notch and heartfelt originals. This record is just what bluegrass music needs right now more than ever."  - Irene Kelley, singer/songwriter